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LGBT Capital is the trading arm of Galileo Capital Management Ltd (Galileo) specialising in LGBT Asset Management and Corporate Advisory. LGBT Capital is centred on the value created by LGBT Diversity & Inclusion and LGBT consumers, and is dedicated to furthering LGBT freedoms globally.

LGBT Capital deploys the power of Impact Investing in an LGBT context and actively supports the development of quality LGBT consumer businesses globally. LGBT Capital believes that such Impact Investing will significantly progress LGBT freedoms, within emerging as well as more developed economies, and that as LGBT freedoms continue to develop, LGBT businesses will increasingly seek external funding, merge and acquire, and require specialist advice.

LGBT Capital has launched an Impact Investment Fund focused on the value created by corporate LGBT Diversity & Inclusion ("D&I") (LGBT Fund), a cornerstone among the areas of primary focus:
  • Identifying investment opportunities that offer value creation and support the development of LGBT equality globally;
  • Promoting understanding of the specific Wealth Management and Planning needs of the LGBT community (LGBT Wealth).
  • Supporting companies wishing to target the LGBT consumer market with sensitive programs to develop internal LGBT D&I and gain a deeper understanding of LGBT consumers.

”We believe that the LGBT consumer market and an understanding of the power of LGBT Diversity and Inclusion can offer real corporate bottom line benefits - and promote LGBT equality and freedoms globally”