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Owned by Galileo Capital Management Ltd (Galileo) and based in London and Hong Kong, LGBT Capital is a specialist asset management and corporate advisory business dedicated to furthering LGBT freedoms globally and raising awareness of the scope for Impact Investing.

LGBT Capital deploys the power of Impact Investing in an LGBT context and actively supports the development of quality LGBT consumer businesses globally. LGBT Capital believes that Impact Investing could significantly progress LGBT freedoms, within emerging as well as more developed economies, and that as LGBT freedoms continue to develop, LGBT businesses will increasingly seek external funding, merge and acquire, and require specialist advice.

This year, LGBT Capital is launching two LGBT Sector Investment Funds, to compliment the existing areas of focus:

- Identifying investment opportunities to support LGBT diversity and freedoms globally;
- Development and management of investment funds focused on LGBT Impact Investment;
- Assisting quality LGBT consumer businesses and creating Impact Investment opportunities;
- Advice on cross-border expansion, with special China expertise;
- Merger and acquisition advisory and execution;
- Business Structuring and Capital Structure advisory for quality Investment Propositions;
- Promoting diversity within mainstream corporate businesses.

LGBT Capital Distribution Services offers cross-border distribution services to support LGBT targeted businesses seeking to develop business in new markets or promote existing offerings, including travel and hospitality offerings to LGBT travellers.